dodge challenger fast and furious

Dodge Challenger Hellcat appears in “The fate of the furious” first trailer

The Fast and the Furious saga is one of the most loved movie series of this century, especially among the cars lovers. In these movies are always shown the most beautiful, fancy and powerful muscle and sports cars.

Since the first episode, where an amazingly customized 1970’s Dodge Charger shows up at the very end of the film, Dodge cars have been often chosen to take part of the saga, always having main roles (the Charger is the favourite car of the main character Dominic Toretto and will be used also for episodes 4 and 5).

Universal Pictures has recently released the first trailer of the new episode, the 8th, in which we can clearly notice another Dodge thoroughbred: the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Our beloved 707pony-powered muscle car doesn’t seem to play a secondary role for the movie, being driven in this trailer by Toretto himself.

dodge challenger hellcat widebody fast and furious

The film is scheduled to be released on April 14, 2017. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the action and the fury of the Hellcat in the movie trailer.