Professional services for AGT customers

Regardless of whether you’re a Dodge fan or a Ram enthusiast, one thing’s clear: you want to keep your car it in the best possible condition for as long as possible. We share your enthusiasm for these iconic vehicles, which is why we are also an official importer of original Mopar Parts & Accessories – genuine parts for both Dodge and Ram. It’s also why we hand pick the dealers in our network – to ensure the highest levels of vehicle expertise, service and commitment to you.

Original Parts & Accessories

Fitting genuine parts is important for many reasons, including vehicle longevity and maintaining residual values, so our dealers always offer official Mopar parts. When it comes to accessories, we offer both the full spectrum of original Mopar products, plus a range of high-quality items from selected suppliers.

Accessories for Dodge / Ram Trucks

Ready for Europe

This is a process called “homologation”. Imports have to comply with the laws and requirements of the country you’re going to register it in. All our imported cars are homologated according to the highest inspection standards. Our professional vehicle specialists in Bremerhaven, Germany first carry out an inspection and then take care of the homologation process from end to end – even fitting accessories, if you’ve ordered. When reaches you, your dream car is not only ready for anything, it’s also fully documented and official. It’s ready for Europe.