AGT offers LPG across a range of Dodge and Ram vehicles

LPG – or Liquefied Petroleum Gas – is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases (typically a blend of propane and butane) and it’s used as an alternative fuel to petrol because it’s cheaper to buy and cleaner for the environment.

Why choose LPG?

We offer two types of LPG tank: cylindrical or doughnut-shaped – the choice you make will largely depend on how much fuel you need to carry. Your dealer will help you decide, but the tank capacity ranges from 120 to 200 liters. We install the LPG systems into our cars before they’re shipped to our dealers to ensure the best possible quality and speed of delivery.

Here are a few reasons why LPG is so popular with our customers

Save money with LPG

LPG is up to 50% cheaper than petrol, so there’s an important financial reason right from the start. If you do a lot of driving, the savings really add up.

In some countries, you can also benefit from lower taxes, if your vehicle is fitted with an LPG tank. Please check your local status.

Better for the environment

Vehicles fitted with LPG fuel systems emit less C02 – around 15% less than petrol cars. They also emit much lower levels of other pollutants – such as soot and fine particulates – and around half the amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and NOx, compared to petrol cars.

LPG is safe, easy to use and readily available

Our LPG systems are subject to stringent European standards and are TÜV and R115 certified. Filling up is easy and LPG is available at most filling stations. But – if you need to – your vehicle will also run on ordinary petrol, too.

No loss in performance

Concerned you’ll feel a difference in performance? Nothing to worry about. Your Ram truck’s V8 engine will deliver exactly the same amount of oomph.